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Custom data for your NFT project, DAO or investments.

We are a small independent team with the goal to make NFT data less boring, more digestible and above all at the service of the community from NFT projects, DAOs, collectors to investors.

How can SeaLaunch help you?

⚡️ Help core teams helm NFT projects with on-chain data insights.

🧐 Deliver transparency to NFT communities with metrics dashboards.

🌊 Steer data-driven investments with tracking or forecasting tools.

🧰 Involve DAO members in the decision-making process with treasury & gov tools.

📉 Deep dive into your project’s performance with custom analysis & reporting.

Our consulting services

  • NFT & DAO data analysis and reporting;
  • Governance, treasury & forecasting tools;
  • Advisory for Web3 projects & traditional businesses.

Partner with us

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A sample of our past work.

Please note that examples showcase a mix of SeaLaunch’s initiatives, bounties, client work, and team members’ work developed within specific NFT projects or DAOs. All examples are publicly available.


NFT Floor Tracker


Lil Nouns Metrics


Yuga Labs Dashboard


Proof Moonbirds Dashboard


Report for DataPod by mfrs


CryptoPunks Volatility Analysis