About SeaLaunch

On-chain data is readily available, but it can be overwhelming. The NFT space is volatile and ever-changing so it’s hard to keep perspective. We believe that data drives better decision making and it empower DAOs, NFT projects, collectors and investors. We are a small independent team that aims to make data less boring, more digestible and above all at the service of the community.

What type of insights can any user take out of SeaLaunch’s NFT Indexes and data?

  • High-level view of the market’s performance as the NFT space matures;
  • Compare different marketplaces by their competitiveness;
  • Track the big players’ movements and identify trends before they’re trends;
  • Follow specific notable NFT ecosystems to evaluate the market’s well-being, but also to spot under-the-radar opportunities.

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Finally, we want to hear and work with people in the NFT community.

If you are looking to partner with an independent team to provide on-chain data tailored to your NFT project, DAO or organisation’s needs and objectives, learn how here.

If you are a SeaLaunch’s website user and are looking for a specific data point or want to make analysis suggestion, drop us a line below.